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Iurilli, M.L.C. and Zhou, B. and Bennett, J.E. and Carrillo-Larco, R.M. and Sophiea, M.K. and Rodriguez-Martinez, A. and Bixby, H. and Solomon, B.D. and Taddei, C. and Danaei, G. and Di Cesare, M. and Stevens, G.A. and Riley, L.M. and Savin, S. and Cowan, M.J. and Bovet, P. and Damasceno, A. and Chirita-Emandi, A. and Hayes, A.J. and Ikeda, N. and Jackson, R.T. and Khang, Y.-H. and Laxmaiah, A. and Liu, J. and Miranda, J.J. and Saidi, O. and Sebert, S. and Sorić, M. and Starc, G. and Gregg, E.W. and Abarca-Gómez, L. and Abdeen, Z.A. and Abdrakhmanova, S. and Ghaffar, S.A. and Rahim, H.F.A. and Abu-Rmeileh, N.M. and Garba, J.A. and Acosta-Cazares, B. and Adams, R.J. and Aekplakorn, W. and Afsana, K. and Afzal, S. and Agdeppa, I.A. and Aghazadeh-Attari, J. and Aguilar-Salinas, C.A. and Agyemang, C. and Ahmad, M.H. and Ahmad, N.A. and Ahmadi, A. and Ahmadi, N. and Ahmed, S.H. and Ahrens, W. and Aitmurzaeva, G. and Ajlouni, K. and Al-Hazzaa, H.M. and Al-Lahou, B. and Al-Raddadi, R. and Alarouj, M. and AlBuhairan, F. and AlDhukair, S. and Ali, M.M. and Alkandari, A. and Alkerwi, A. and Allin, K. and Alvarez-Pedrerol, M. and Aly, E. and Amarapurkar, D.N. and Amiri, P. and Amougou, N. and Amouyel, P. and Andersen, L.B. and Anderssen, S.A. and Ängquist, L. and Anjana, R.M. and Ansari-Moghaddam, A. and Aounallah-Skhiri, H. and Araújo, J. and Ariansen, I. and Aris, T. and Arku, R.E. and Arlappa, N. and Aryal, K.K. and Aspelund, T. and Assah, F.K. and Assunção, M.C.F. and Aung, M.S. and Auvinen, J. and Avdicová, Mária and Avi, S. and Azevedo, A. and Azimi-Nezhad, M. and Azizi, F. and Azmin, M. and Babu, B.V. and Bæksgaard Jørgensen, M. and Baharudin, A. and Bahijri, S. and Baker, J.L. and Balakrishna, N. and Bamoshmoosh, M. and Banach, M. and Bandosz, P. and Banegas, J.R. and Baran, J. and Barbagallo, C.M. and Barceló, A. and Barkat, A. and Barros, A.J.D. and Barros, M.V.G. and Basit, A. and Bastos, J.L.D. and Bata, I. and Batieha, A.M. and Batista, R.L. and Battakova, Z. and Batyrbek, A. and Baur, L.A. and Beaglehole, R. and Bel-Serrat, S. and Belavendra, A. and Romdhane, H.B. and Benedics, J. and Benet, M. and Bergh, I.H. and Berkinbayev, S. and Bernabe-Ortiz, A. and Bernotiene, G. and Bettiol, H. and Bezerra, J. and Bhagyalaxmi, A. and Bharadwaj, S. and Bhargava, S.K. and Bhutta, Z.A. and Bi, H. and Bi, Y. and Bia, D. and Lele, E.C.B. and Bikbov, M.M. and Bista, B. and Bjelica, D.J. and Bjerregaard, P. and Bjertness, E. and Bjertness, M.B. and Björkelund, C. and Bloch, K.V. and Blokstra, A. and Bo, S. and Bobak, M. and Boddy, L.M. and Boehm, B.O. and Boeing, H. and Boggia, J.G. and Bogova, E. and Boissonnet, C.P. and Bojesen, S.E. and Bonaccio, M. and Bongard, V. and Bonilla-Vargas, A. and Bopp, M. and Borghs, H. and Braeckevelt, L. and Braeckman, L. and Bragt, M.C.E. and Brajkovich, I. and Branca, F. and Breckenkamp, J. and Breda, J. and Brenner, H. and Brewster, L.M. and Brian, G.R. and Brinduse, L. and Brophy, S. and Bruno, G. and Bueno-de-Mesquita, H.B. and Bugge, A. and Buoncristiano, M. and Burazeri, G. and Burns, C. and de León, A.C. and Cacciottolo, J. and Cai, H. and Cama, T. and Cameron, C. and Camolas, J. and Can, G. and Candido, A.P.C. and Cañete, F. and Capanzana, M.V. and Capková, N. and Capuano, E. and Capuano, V. and Cardol, M. and Cardoso, V.C. and Carlsson, A.C. and Carmuega, E. and Carvalho, J. and Casajús, J.A. and Casanueva, F.F. and Celikcan, E. and Censi, L. and Cervantes-Loaiza, M. and Cesar, J.A. and Chamukuttan, S. and Chan, A.W. and Chan, Q. and Chaturvedi, H.K. and Chaturvedi, N. and Rahim, N.C.A. and Chee, M.L. and Chen, C.-J. and Chen, F. and Chen, H. and Chen, S. and Chen, Z. and Cheng, C.-Y. and Cheraghian, B. and Chetrit, A. and Chikova-Iscener, E. and Chiolero, A. and Chiou, S.-T. and Chirlaque, M.-D. and Cho, B. and Christensen, K. and Christofaro, D.G. and Chudek, J. and Cifkova, R. and Cilia, M. and Cinteza, E. and Claessens, F. and Clarke, J. and Clays, E. and Cohen, E. and Concin, H. and Confortin, S.C. and Cooper, C. and Coppinger, T.C. and Corpeleijn, E. and Costanzo, S. and Cottel, D. and Cowell, C. and Craig, C.L. and Crampin, A.C. and Crujeiras, A.B. and Csilla, S. and Cucu, A.M. and Cui, L. and Cureau, F.V. and Czenczek-Lewandowska, E. and D’Arrigo, G. and d’Orsi, E. and Dacica, L. and Dal Re Saavedra, M.A. and Dallongeville, J. and Damsgaard, C.T. and Dankner, R. and Dantoft, T.M. and Dasgupta, P. and Dastgiri, S. and Dauchet, L. and Davletov, K. and De Backer, G. and De Bacquer, D. and de Gaetano, G. and De Henauw, S. and de Oliveira, P.D. and De Ridder, D. and De Ridder, K. and de Rooij, S.R. and De Smedt, D. and Deepa, M. and Deev, A.D. and DeGennaro, Jr and Dehghan, A. and Delisle, H. and Delpeuch, F. and Demarest, S. and Dennison, E. and Dereń, K. and Deschamps, V. and Dhimal, M. and Di Castelnuovo, A.F. and Dias-da-Costa, J.S. and Díaz-Sánchez, M.E. and Diaz, A. and Dika, Z. and Djalalinia, S. and Djordjic, V. and Do, H.T.P. and Dobson, A.J. and Donati, M.B. and Donfrancesco, C. and Donoso, S.P. and Döring, A. and Dorobantu, M. and Dorosty, A.R. and Doua, K. and Dragano, N. and Drygas, W. and Duan, J.L. and Duante, C.A. and Duboz, P. and Duda, R.B. and Duleva, V. and Dulskiene, V. and Dumith, S.C. and Dushpanova, A. and Dzerve, V. and Dziankowska-Zaborszczyk, E. and Eddie, R. and Eftekhar, E. and Egbagbe, E.E. and Eggertsen, R. and Eghtesad, S. and Eiben, G. and Ekelund, U. and El-Khateeb, M. and Ati, J.E. and Eldemire-Shearer, D. and Eliasen, M. and Elliott, P. and Engle-Stone, R. and Enguerran, M. and Erasmus, R.T. and Erbel, R. and Erem, C. and Eriksen, L. and Eriksson, J.G. and Escobedo-de la Peña, J. and Eslami, S. and Esmaeili, A. and Evans, A. and Faeh, D. and Fakhretdinova, A.A. and Fall, C.H. and Faramarzi, E. and Farjam, M. and Sant’Angelo, V.F. and Farzadfar, F. and Fattahi, M.R. and Fawwad, A. and Felix-Redondo, F.J. and Ferguson, T.S. and Fernandes, R.A. and Fernández-Bergés, D. and Ferrante, D. and Ferrao, T. and Ferrari, M. and Ferrario, M.M. and Ferreccio, C. and Ferrer, E. and Ferrieres, J. and Figueiró, T.H. and Fijalkowska, A. and Fink, G. and Fischer, K. and Foo, L.H. and Forsner, M. and Fouad, H.M. and Francis, D.K. and do Carmo Franco, Maria and Frikke-Schmidt, R. and Frontera, G. and Fuchs, F.D. and Fuchs, S.C. and Fujiati, I.I. and Fujita, Y. and Fumihiko, M. and Furusawa, T. and Gaciong, Z. and Gafencu, M. and Galbarczyk, A. and Galenkamp, H. and Galeone, D. and Galfo, M. and Galvano, F. and Gao, J. and Garcia-de-la-Hera, M. and García-Solano, M. and Gareta, D. and Garnett, S.P. and Gaspoz, J.-M. and Gasull, M. and Gaya, A.C.A. and Gaya, A.R. and Gazzinelli, A. and Gehring, U. and Geiger, H. and Geleijnse, J.M. and Ghanbari, A. and Ghasemi, E. and Gheorghe-Fronea, O.-F. and Giampaoli, S. and Gianfagna, F. and Gill, T.K. and Giovannelli, J. and Gironella, G. and Giwercman, A. and Gkiouras, K. and Godos, J. and Gogen, S. and Goldberg, M. and Goldsmith, R.A. and Goltzman, D. and Gómez, S.F. and Gomula, A. and da Silva, B.G.C. and Gonçalves, H. and Gonzalez-Chica, D.A. and Gonzalez-Gross, M. and González-Leon, M. and González-Rivas, J.P. and González-Villalpando, C. and González-Villalpando, M.-E. and Gonzalez, A.R. and Gottrand, F. and Graça, A.P. and Graff-Iversen, S. and Grafnetter, D. and Grajda, A. and Grammatikopoulou, M.G. and Gregor, R.D. and Grodzicki, T. and Grøholt, E.K. and Grøntved, A. and Grosso, G. and Gruden, G. and Gu, D. and Gualdi-Russo, E. and Guallar-Castillón, P. and Gualtieri, A. and Gudmundsson, E.F. and Gudnason, V. and Guerrero, R. and Guessous, I. and Guimaraes, A.L. and Gulliford, M.C. and Gunnlaugsdottir, J. and Gunter, M.J. and Guo, X.-H. and Guo, Y. and Gupta, P.C. and Gupta, R. and Gureje, O. and Gurzkowska, B. and Gutiérrez-González, E. and Gutierrez, L. and Gutzwiller, F. and Ha, S. and Hadaegh, F. and Hadjigeorgiou, C.A. and Haghshenas, R. and Hakimi, H. and Halkjær, J. and Hambleton, I.R. and Hamzeh, B. and Hange, D. and Hanif, A.A.M. and Hantunen, S. and Hao, J. and Kumar, R.H. and Hashemi-Shahri, S.M. and Hassapidou, M. and Hata, J. and Haugsgjerd, T. and He, J. and He, Y. and He, Y. and Heidinger-Felso, R. and Heinen, M. and Hejgaard, T. and Hendriks, M.E. and dos Santos Henrique, R. and Henriques, A. and Cadena, L.H. and Herrala, S. and Herrera, V.M. and Herter-Aeberli, I. and Heshmat, R. and Hill, A.G. and Ho, S.Y. and Ho, S.C. and Hobbs, M. and Holdsworth, M. and Homayounfar, R. and Homs, C. and Hopman, W.M. and Horimoto, A.R.V.R. and Hormiga, C.M. and Horta, B.L. and Houti, L. and Howitt, C. and Htay, T.T. and Htet, A.S. and Htike, M.M.T. and Hu, Y. and Huerta, J.M. and Huhtaniemi, I.T. and Huiart, L. and Petrescu, C.H. and Huisman, M. and Husseini, A. and Huu, C.N. and Huybrechts, I. and Hwalla, N. and Hyska, J. and Iacoviello, L. and Ibarluzea, J.M. and Ibrahim, M.M. and Wong, N.I. and Ikram, M.A. and Iotova, V. and Irazola, V.E. and Ishida, T. and Islam, M. and Islam, S.M.S. and Iwasaki, M. and Jacobs, J.M. and Jaddou, H.Y. and Jafar, T. and James, K. and Jamil, K.M. and Jamrozik, K. and Janszky, I. and Janus, E. and Jarani, J. and Jarvelin, M.-R. and Jasienska, G. and Jelakovic, A. and Jelakovic, B. and Jennings, G. and Jha, A.K. and Jiang, C.Q. and Jimenez, R.O. and Jöckel, K.-H. and Joffres, M. and Johansson, M. and Jokelainen, J.J. and Jonas, J.B. and Jonnagaddala, J. and Jørgensen, T. and Joshi, P. and Joukar, F. and Jovic, D.P. and Jóźwiak, J.J. and Juolevi, A. and Jurak, G. and Simina, I.J. and Juresa, V. and Kaaks, R. and Kaducu, F.O. and Kafatos, A. and Kajantie, E.O. and Kalmatayeva, Z. and Kalter-Leibovici, O. and Kameli, Y. and Kampmann, F.B. and Kanala, K.R. and Kannan, S. and Kapantais, E. and Karakosta, A. and Kårhus, L.L. and Karki, K.B. and Katibeh, M. and Katz, J. and Katzmarzyk, P.T. and Kauhanen, J. and Kaur, P. and Kavousi, M. and Kazakbaeva, G.M. and Keil, U. and Boker, L.K. and Keinänen-Kiukaanniemi, S. and Kelishadi, R. and Kelleher, C. and Kemper, H.C.G. and Kengne, A.P. and Keramati, M. and Kerimkulova, A. and Kersting, M. and Key, T. and Khader, Y.S. and Khalili, D. and Khaw, K.-T. and Kheiri, B. and Kheradmand, M. and Khosravi, A. and Khouw, I.M.S.L. and Kiechl-Kohlendorfer, U. and Kiechl, S. and Killewo, J. and Kim, D.W. and Kim, H.C. and Kim, J. and Kindblom, J.M. and Klakk, H. and Klimek, M. and Klimont, J. and Klumbiene, J. and Knoflach, M. and Koirala, B. and Kolle, E. and Kolsteren, P. and König, J. and Korpelainen, R. and Korrovits, P. and Korzycka, M. and Kos, J. and Koskinen, S. and Kouda, K. and Kovacs, V.A. and Kowlessur, S. and Koziel, S. and Kratenova, J. and Kratzer, W. and Kriemler, S. and Kristensen, P.L. and Krokstad, S. and Kromhout, D. and Kruger, H.S. and Kubinova, R. and Kuciene, R. and Kujala, U.M. and Kujundzic, E. and Kulaga, Z. and Kumar, R.K. and Kunešová, M. and Kurjata, P. and Kusuma, Y.S. and Kuulasmaa, K. and Kyobutungi, C. and La, Q.N. and Laamiri, F.Z. and Laatikainen, T. and Lachat, C. and Laid, Y. and Lam, T.H. and Lambrinou, C.-P. and Landais, E. and Lanska, V. and Lappas, G. and Larijani, B. and Latt, T.S. and Lauria, L. and Lazo-Porras, M. and Le Coroller, G. and Bao, K.L.N. and Le Port, A. and Le, T.D. and Lee, J. and Lee, J. and Lee, P.H. and Lehmann, N. and Lehtimäki, T. and Lemogoum, D. and Levitt, N.S. and Li, Y. and Liivak, M. and Lilly, C.L. and Lim, W.-Y. and Lima-Costa, M.F. and Lin, H.-H. and Lin, X. and Lin, Y.-T. and Lind, L. and Linneberg, A. and Lissner, L. and Litwin, M. and Liu, L. and Lo, W.-C. and Loit, H.-M. and Long, K.Q. and Lopes, L. and Lopes, O. and Lopez-Garcia, E. and Lopez, T. and Lotufo, P.A. and Lozano, J.E. and Lukrafka, J.L. and Luksiene, D. and Lundqvist, A. and Lundqvist, R. and Lunet, N. and Lunogelo, C. and Lustigová, M. and Łuszczki, E. and Ma, G. and Ma, J. and Ma, X. and Machado-Coelho, G.L.L. and Machado-Rodrigues, A.M. and Macieira, L.M. and Madar, A.A. and Maggi, S. and Magliano, D.J. and Magnacca, S. and Magriplis, E. and Mahasampath, G. and Maire, B. and Majer, M. and Makdisse, M. and Mäki, P. and Malekzadeh, F. and Malekzadeh, R. and Malhotra, R. and Rao, K.M. and Malyutina, S.K. and Maniego, L.V. and Manios, Y. and Mann, J.I. and Mansour-Ghanaei, F. and Manzato, E. and Margozzini, P. and Markaki, A. and Markey, O. and Ioannidou, E.M. and Marques-Vidal, P. and Marques, L.P. and Marrugat, J. and Martin-Prevel, Y. and Martin, R. and Martorell, R. and Martos, E. and Maruszczak, K. and Marventano, S. and Mascarenhas, L.P. and Masoodi, S.R. and Mathiesen, E.B. and Mathur, P. and Matijasevich, A. and Matsha, T.E. and Mavrogianni, C. and Mazur, A. and Mbanya, J.C.N. and McFarlane, S.R. and McGarvey, S.T. and McKee, M. and McLachlan, S. and McLean, R.M. and McLean, S.B. and McNulty, B.A. and Benchekor, S.M. and Medzioniene, J. and Mehdipour, P. and Mehlig, K. and Mehrparvar, A.H. and Meirhaeghe, A. and Meisfjord, J. and Meisinger, C. and Menezes, A.M.B. and Menon, G.R. and Mensink, G.B.M. and Menzano, M.T. and Mereke, A. and Meshram, I.I. and Metspalu, A. and Meyer, H.E. and Mi, J. and Michaelsen, K.F. and Michels, N. and Mikkel, K. and Milkowska, K. and Miller, J.C. and Minderico, C.S. and Mini, G.K. and Miquel, J.F. and Mirjalili, M.R. and Mirkopoulou, D. and Mirrakhimov, E. and Mišigoj-Durakovic, M. and Mistretta, A. and Mocanu, V. and Modesti, P.A. and Moghaddam, S.S. and Mohajer, B. and Mohamed, M.K. and Mohamed, S.F. and Mohammad, K. and Mohammadi, Z. and Mohammadifard, N. and Mohammadpourhodki, R. and Mohan, V. and Mohanna, S. and Yusoff, M.F.M. and Mohebbi, I. and Mohebi, F. and Moitry, M. and Molbo, D. and Møllehave, L.T. and Møller, N.C. and Molnár, D. and Momenan, A. and Mondo, C.K. and Monroy-Valle, M. and Monterrubio-Flores, E. and Monyeki, K.D.K. and Moon, J.S. and Moosazadeh, M. and Moreira, L.B. and Morejon, A. and Moreno, L.A. and Morgan, K. and Morin, S.N. and Mortensen, E.L. and Moschonis, G. and Mossakowska, M. and Mostafa, A. and Mota-Pinto, A. and Mota, J. and Motlagh, M.E. and Motta, J. and Moura-dos-Santos, M.A. and Mridha, M.K. and Msyamboza, K.P. and Mu, T.T. and Muc, M. and Mugoša, B. and Muiesan, M.L. and Mukhtorova, P. and Müller-Nurasyid, M. and Murphy, N. and Mursu, J. and Murtagh, E.M. and Musa, K.I. and Milanovic, S.M. and Musil, V. and Mustafa, N. and Nabipour, I. and Naderimagham, S. and Nagel, G. and Naidu, B.M. and Najafi, F. and Nakamura, H. and Námešná, J. and Nang, E.E.K. and Nangia, V.B. and Nankap, M. and Narake, S. and Nardone, P. and Nauck, M. and Neal, W.A. and Nejatizadeh, A. and Nekkantti, C. and Nelis, K. and Nelis, L. and Nenko, I. and Neovius, M. and Nervi, F. and Nguyen, C.T. and Nguyen, N.D. and Nguyen, Q.N. and Nieto-Martínez, R.E. and Nikitin, Y.P. and Ning, G. and Ninomiya, T. and Nishtar, S. and Noale, M. and Noboa, O.A. and Nogueira, H. and Norat, T. and Nordendahl, M. and Nordestgaard, B.G. and Noto, D. and Nowak-Szczepanska, N. and Al Nsour, M. and Nuhoglu, I. and Nurk, E. and O’Neill, T.W. and O’Reilly, D. and Obreja, G. and Ochimana, C. and Ochoa-Avilés, A.M. and Oda, E. and Oh, K. and Ohara, K. and Ohlsson, C. and Ohtsuka, R. and Olafsson, O. and Olinto, M.T.A. and Oliveira, I.O. and Omar, M.A. and Onat, A. and Ong, S.K. and Ono, L.M. and Ordunez, P. and Ornelas, R. and Ortiz, A.P. and Ortiz, P.J. and Osler, M. and Osmond, C. and Ostojic, S.M. and Ostovar, A. and Otero, J.A. and Overvad, K. and Owusu-Dabo, E. and Paccaud, F.M. and Padez, C. and Pagkalos, I. and Pahomova, E. and de Paiva, K.M. and Pajak, A. and Palli, D. and Palloni, A. and Palmieri, L. and Pan, W.-H. and Panda-Jonas, S. and Pandey, A. and Panza, F. and Papandreou, D. and Park, S.-W. and Park, S. and Parnell, W.R. and Parsaeian, M. and Pascanu, I.M. and Pasquet, P. and Patel, N.D. and Pecin, I. and Pednekar, M.S. and Peer, N. and Pei, G. and Peixoto, S.V. and Peltonen, M. and Pereira, A.C. and Peres, M.A. and Pérez-Farinós, N. and Pérez, C.M. and Peterkova, V. and Peters, A. and Petersmann, A. and Petkeviciene, J. and Petrauskiene, A. and Pettenuzzo, E. and Peykari, N. and Pham, S.T. and Pichardo, R.N. and Pierannunzio, D. and Pigeot, I. and Pikhart, H. and Pilav, A. and Pilotto, L. and Pistelli, F. and Pitakaka, F. and Piwonska, A. and Pizarro, A.N. and Plans-Rubió, P. and Poh, B.K. and Pohlabeln, H. and Pop, R.M. and Popovic, S.R. and Porta, M. and Posch, G. and Poudyal, A. and Poulimeneas, D. and Pouraram, H. and Pourfarzi, F. and Pourshams, A. and Poustchi, H. and Pradeepa, R. and Price, A.J. and Price, J.F. and Providencia, R. and Puder, J.J. and Pudule, I. and Puhakka, S.E. and Puiu, M. and Punab, M. and Qasrawi, R.F. and Qorbani, M. and Bao, T.Q. and Radic, I. and Radisauskas, R. and Rahimikazerooni, S. and Rahman, M. and Rahman, M. and Raitakari, O. and Raj, M. and Rakhimova, E. and Rakhmatulloev, S. and Rakovac, I. and Rao, S.R. and Ramachandran, A. and Ramke, J. and Ramos, E. and Ramos, R. and Rampal, L. and Rampal, S. and Rarra, V. and Rascon-Pacheco, R.A. and Rasmussen, M. and Rech, 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